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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Let's rethink paperweights?

Let's rethink paperweights?

Flintstop sells quirky, out-of-the-box products that are designed to be problem-solving, and to make daily routines easy, colourful and fun!

This time, Flintstop seeks to reinvent the paperweight: a simple but super-effective product (how else would you work with papers while your fan is set on 5?). And guess what, these were all invented by Flintstop!

Vadapav Paperweight: The pride of Mumbai, now sitting on your desk. So realistic in size, shape, and appearance that you can use it as a quirky ‘prank tool’ amongst food lovers!

Samosa Pav Paperweight: A tribute to the quick breakfast that saves our backsides when we're running late!

Samosa Paperweight: We all have that friend that can't survive a day without samosa? Gift them this hunger-inducing paperweight, and they will be forever in your debt! 

Cutting Chai Paperweight: Is there really a taste better than the traditional roadside cutting chai? Keep this on your desk, and never lay your eyes off it. 

Burger Paperweight: Looks like we're determined on making you hungry at work. Regardless, this burger-like paperweight is irresistible!

Flinty would love to hear your thoughts on these paperweights!

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