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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

“I will miss every moment of being Aladdin”, said Siddharth Nigam, playing the role of Aladdin in Sony SAB’s Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga

 “I will miss every moment of being Aladdin”, said Siddharth Nigam, playing the role of Aladdin in Sony SAB’s Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga

How has the experience been for you, playing the role of Aladdin in Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga?

My experience with the show has been amazing and I learnt a lot in this journey. I think I have grown up with the character and relate with Aladdin sometimes. The character of was beautifully curated, keeping today’s audience in mind and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing him. It was a bit difficult for me to accept the role initially considering it being a comparatively funnier role but now, it’s one of my most favourite roles till date and I am to have been able to play Aladdin. It was a lot more fun to play this character with all those quirks and modern world touches it had, making it more relatable to the younger audience. 

What are you going to miss the most from the set?

I don’t even know where to begin from as there are so many things. I’d miss having fun the entire cast has in between shots, various action sequences that I get to perform and mostly I’d miss being in Aladdin’s world. The atmosphere on the set is always just so lovely and full of energy that you feel pumped to give your best shot. However, now that I will no longer be playing Aladdin, I am taking a lot of beautiful memories, but with a heavy heart. The show has a really special place in my heart and I will certainly miss every moment of being Aladdin.

Since the show has just completed 200 episodes, it must be overwhelming when you look back. Does it feel bad to be going away from the show?

Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga is really close to my heart, especially the character of Aladdin, and it is extremely saddening for me to not be playing this titular lead role anymore. I know this will leave the viewers wondering too of how will the show go on without its lead but I’m sure what comes ahead is going to be equally entertaining for our audience. As it is rightly said “The Show must go on”, while Aladdin goes away, Yasmine is all set to charm the audience as she gets ready to rule the kingdom. Aladdin: NaamTohSunaHoga will still continue to stand on its promise of delivering extraordinary content and providing unlimited entertainment for the viewers.

What has been your favourite moment on the sets? OR favourite scene?

My most favourite scenes are all the emotional and romantic scenes with Yasmine. They are just so well written and we try to do justice to the writing by giving our 100 percent. I can’t pick one particular scene because I have enjoyed doing all such emotional scenes. Whenever I and Avneet are performing such scenes, the entire unit also gets into that feeling and they start crying. It feels even more overwhelming when our DOP comes and hugs us after those powerful emotional scenes.

How has your relationship been with your co-stars? Who do you think you’ll miss the most?

I have had the chance to work with some of the most amazing people on the set. I didn’t expect that every ne will be so supportive and warm with me on the set but everyone took really good care of me there. Each and every artist is extremely hard working and we support each other in performing well. There is also no Junior-Senior distinction on the sets. Every one respects each other and each other’s work and this makes us give our 100 percent. We rehearse together, give our inputs to make a scene more powerful and have a really fun time together on the sets.

I am certainly going to miss my best friend Avneet with whom I have given some of the best scenes. Ginoo (RaashulTandon) and I have had the most fun while shooting as we would sit together and make fun of everyone around, in a light manner. Also, Chachi, Chacha, Gulbadan, Ammi; I am going to miss each and every person from the sets who made this journey so beautiful. 

Any message for your fans and your co-stars as you part ways with them as Aladdin?

While it is going to be really difficult for me to part ways with some of the best people I have met on the sets of Aladdin, I would like to wish all of them good luck for the journey ahead. I am going to miss being on the sets as Aladdin and having those light moments with everyone from Makeup Dada to our Producers to all my talented co-stars. Also, this journey, so far, has been possible only because of all our amazing fans who have always adored us and showered us with unconditional love. Thank You everyone and I’m sure there’s a lot more coming up for you on Sony SAB’s Aladdin NaamTohSunaHoga. 

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