I have approached you regarding a serious issue we all Creatives

I have approached you regarding a serious issue we all Creatives 

(Fashion Stylists,Makeup&Hair Stylists,Art Directors, Designers, Photographers,Editors etc) are suffering in our entertainment industry, because of a new culture "CREDIT BASIS UNPAID COLLABORATIONS" in which whole industry expect us to work for CREDIT(Most of the time it is credits on just Social Media Handles) for the JOB we are doing, rather paying WORTH STANDARD MONEY.

Isn't it funny & furious this culture had almost stopped Money Flow or reaching at Severe Low budgets for all Creative Categories and every level of each category, which is miserable and sad.

Even big productions started giving budgets which are sometimes equal to conveyance of an Intern to a Head Stylist/Creative person.

But that is not their Mistake, it is our Creative Community's flaw that we are not FOLLOWING STANDARD CHARGES decided by our respective department ASSOCIATIONS, infact many new comers (Assistant/Interns) are unaware of the fact of STANDARD charges. 

New Junior Layers(Assistants/Interns) are misunderstanding Instagram Account filled with some known faces who has good following as Thier PORTFOLIO but which is no where stands with a PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO which should have Experience/Assistance Experience of all COMMERCIAL Categories like Ads,Movies, Webseries, Editorials shoot, etc. Due to this lack of  information They are continuously choosing to work for free to random brands/celebs/influencers/production house IN RETURNS of just getting CREDITS on CLIENT'S Instagram Handle.

In such scenarios when we get offered even petty amounts OR a big project with offering just CREDITS, we feel helpless to accept these lows in return of our sincere Creative Abilities, time & hardwork , which is destroying all hopes of bright career in these streams in future.

I am trying to reach best people out there to give voice to this issue, that is why I am writing this whole Article.

I have a network of more than 700 creatives in Mumbai who all are joining hands for this cause.

I would like to request if your team can involve, guide us for the same and become our voice in the media that would be huge step towards our industry's betterment.

You all are our last hope!! Feel free to connect over call or WhatsApp on bellow number.