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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Hungama launches‘Beat Air Pollution’ game to raise awareness on air pollution this World Environment Day

Hungama launches‘Beat Air Pollution’ game to raise awareness on air pollution this World Environment Day

Responsive in nature, the game is compatible with multiple devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart TVs 
India, 4th June 2019: Hungama, India’s leading digital entertainment company, has launched ‘Beat Air Pollution’ game in order to sensitize people towards air pollution on the occasion of World Environment Day. Developed by Hungama Digital Services, one of the leading digital agencies in India and a JV between Hungama and JWT, the HTML game is responsive in nature and can be played across devices – smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart TVs. 
The game is an extension of Hungama’s ongoing support for the cause spearheaded by Bhamla Foundation, an organization that works to address health, environment and cleanliness issues. Recently, Hungama also launched HawaAane De anthem that was produced by Bhamla Foundation. Composed by Shaan with lyrics by SwanandKirkire, the anthem is in sync with the United Nations’ theme for World Environment Day.
Neeraj Roy, Founder & CEO, Hungama Digital Media said, “Air pollution has become one of the biggest crises that the Earth is facing. The magnitude of the issue has made it necessary that we all unite to find a solution. Beat Air Pollution game is an attempt to inform, educate and sensitize people about the perils of air pollution in an engaging and entertaining manner. We are certain that the game and the song, HawaAane De, will inspire people to join the movement.”
The gameplay is intuitive and challenging at the same time. Players need to traverse the Earth avoiding air pollutants such as smoke arising from cars, chemical factories etc. 'HawaAane De’ song plays in a loop in the background, further enhancing the experience of the users. Players can try beating their own score or compete with their friends. At the end of every session, users can spread the #BeatAirPollution message to their peers by sharing the game invite on social channels.
To play ‘Beat Air Pollution’ game, click here - 

About Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.:

Hungama is a leading digital entertainment company in South Asia. Founded in 1999, Hungama has remained at the forefront of the Internet revolution in India and created exceptional digital experiences by combining entertainment and technology. With the aim to include more consumers under the umbrella of digital entertainment, Hungama has worked towards introducing destinations that make digital content consumption simpler and at the same time, enriching.

Hungama’s portfolio covers a wide spectrum of services that have touched over a billion lives in more than 190 countries. These include Hungama Music – one of the most popular music streaming platforms, Hungama Play – the go-to destination for video streaming, Artist Aloud – a platform for independent artistes and Hungama Games – a developer, publisher, distributor and marketer of mobile games. Leveraging its distribution and aggregation strengths, Hungama is also able to work with telecom, DTH, ISP and OEM partners to create unique and engaging entertainment destinations for consumers.

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