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Monday, 3 June 2019

Health King India, 2019 to celebrate an era of Men’s Health

Health King India, 2019 to celebrate an era of Men’s Health

May 31st, 2019, New Delhi – Health is our principal capital asset which tends to depreciate if we don’t take care of it. Understanding this very significance and bringing this movement to the forefront, Anjali diet clinic has decided to start a pageant Health King India 2019. Theme of this pageant is “Health the greatest gift” which aims to highlight the creativity, sustainability and awareness for the prevailing health issues in the society. Registration is open now and will last till June 15, 2019 and its finale is going to be held on in September ‘2019
Dr. Anjali Kaushik, India’s renowned dietician has organized numerous health beauty pageants in her past which were a great success and is now coming up with Health King India 2019. This pageant is open for all men who are Indian, aged between 16 to 65 years from any profession of any shape, size; color can participate and are not under any legal contract for other firms. Contestants who cross the auditions will have an opportunity to get trained under stylists and professional groomers, who have 10+ years of experience in their respective fields.
Vasudev Kaushik, State Director Delhi said, ‘I am pleased to announce Health King India 2019, which is laying a platform for young chaps to showcase their healthiness. After fantastic previous seasons which attained unparallel success , this year we are coming up with some more enhanced elements of Health Fashion Show where doctors have taken an initiative, to motivate world to be healthy, beautiful and confident. 
Registrations are open till June 15, 2019 after which auditions will begin which the candidates will be facing three rounds walk, talk and question round and then the selected finalists will walk the ramp for Grand Finale and compete for winning the title of Health King India. 

About Health King India 2019
The prestigious title of the nation - Health King India 2019, presented by Anjali Diet clinic. And organized by Ms. Anjali Kaushik (Dietitian and Motivation Speaker) and Ms. Vasundhra Kaushik (Dentist, entrepreneur, Dancer, Singer)with the motive of to create a spirit of competition in order to promote health.

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