GMO-PG ties up with ToneTag to widen its payment system offerings and promote a sound-based ecosystem in Japan and APAC

GMO-PG ties up with ToneTag to widen its payment system offerings and promote a sound-based ecosystem in Japan and APAC

Aims at facilitating an issuer-and-acquirer network built on the futuristic soundwave technology to introduce a more efficient, accessible, convenient, and secure payment system 

National, May 28, 2019: With a vision to establish a revolutionary sound-based ecosystem throughout Asia-Pacific, ToneTag, India’s leading sound-based proximity communications and payment services provider, recently announced its collaboration with GMO Payment Gateway, Inc. (GMO-PG). This strategic partnership will provide ToneTag with avenues to expand its sound-based network while strengthening the value-proposition of GMO through facilitation of an advanced contactless services.

Under this collaboration, ToneTag will deploy an issuer-and-acquirer network on a sound-based payment ecosystem for GMO, introducing a range of banking and retail solutions for augmented end-customer experience. This will add another optimal and scalable value-added method to GMO’s comprehensive payment services offerings, enabling its clientele to leverage cutting-edge soundwave technology for highly secure, quick, and seamless financial transactions. Harnessing the power of sound, ToneTag is redefining both financial and retail industries by empowering businesses to expedite their payment processes and improve their holistic customer experience.

Sharing an insight into the partnership, Kumar Abhishek, Co-founder and CEO, ToneTag remarked, “ToneTag has been leading the charge in bringing about a transformational shift within the financial industry through its highly disruptive services based on soundwave technology. Our constant focus on the uptake and development of such a revolutionary technology has culminated in the organization’s stellar growth so far. At this juncture of exponential growth, having a reputed organization as GMO on board will help us scale newer heights. We believe that this collaboration will certainly help us further our vision towards a major comprehensive expansion while helping us provide our highly innovative, optimum, secure, and foolproof financial services to a wider global audience.”

Since its inception, ToneTag has made a massive headway in the global digital payments space, deploying the revolutionary soundwave technology to facilitate a bouquet of financial services to its customers and associates. The organization’s association with globally reputed internet company GMO aligns with its objective of expansion and provision of financial services for an enhanced experience. Through this association, ToneTag envisions to escalate its value-proposition to a wider audience while spearheading the transformation of the financial landscape on a global scale.

About ToneTag:

ToneTag is driven to realize mobile experiences and interactions as a service. The technology uses sound waves to enable contactless, offline and proximity data communication on any device. Being a software element, it can easily be integrated into existing devices, making it highly compatible and accessible to everyone. Transactions are highly secure and frictionless, creating a seamless experience for users. ToneTag aims to revolutionize the payment ecosystem with a simple but robust technology. Link to the website:

About GMO:

GMO-PG offers comprehensive payment services and financial services to 133,199 merchants (as of March, 2019), including online retailers, operators who collect recurring monthly payments such as NHK (the public broadcaster), and public organizations such as National Tax Agency and Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The Transaction value has exceeded 3 trillion yen not only through our core payment service but also the value-added services that contribute to the growth of the merchant’s business. Thus, as a leading Payment Service Provider (PSP) company, we offer Fintech services such as cashless solutions to Financial Institutions, Payment after Delivery (PaD), and lending services and is expanding into the Card-present payment services business. We are actively pursuing overseas expansion not only through capital and business alliances with overseas PSPs but to rollout payment and money services directly in the overseas markets.

GMO-PG aims to offer a convenient and secure payment infrastructure to both consumers and businesses, driven by new innovations to realize an EC and a cashless society.