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Wednesday, 5 June 2019

“Comedy can never go out of fashion”, says Shruti Seth on Sony SAB’s Apna News Aayega

“Comedy can never go out of fashion”, says Shruti Seth on Sony SAB’s Apna News Aayega

Q.What made you choose Apna News Aayega?

Firstly, the fact that it’s with Optimystix Production is the reason I chose Apna News Aayega as I’ve had a long standing relationship with them and pretty much half my career has been spent working with the same team. After I took my sabbatical during my pregnancy, my comeback was again with Optimystix for another show. I think some companies are like home and this production house has been like a home to me. It’s been such big part of my career and I am fortunate for the same. The second I got a call for Apna News Aayega, I knew I had to do it as comedy has been a big part of my career as well and I’m glad humour tends to follow me wherever I go. So just in that way, even if it’s a 2 minute gag and I can bring a smile on someone’s face I feel my job becomes more fulfilling. 

Q. How has the experience been like shooting on the sets? What are your dynamics with the co-stars?

The good thing about comedy is that it doesn’t allow or warrant anything apart from positivity and I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest names in comedy. We spend so much of our time laughing and having fun that you go home lighter, happier and fresh. Again here, some of the creatives who have crossed over and become artists, they used to write my scripts back in the day and now I’m acting with them. It’s really sweet and poetic in its own way. 
Rajesh Kumar has been a part of earlier seasons of Comedy Circus and we go back so many years in time. It’s always nice to reconnect with old colleagues and to witness that nothing has really changed and you still come together laughing.

Q. Any hilarious moments while shooting?

Not just yet, since it’s my first day of shoot but I’m sure there will be a lot of comedy happening during the show.

Q.How does this show stand out?

The good thing about comedy is that it is never outdated or can never go out of fashion. People will never have a problem with laughing, so it is kind of timeless.
The beauty about these gags is that it’s just 2 minutes and it comes in between and quickly lightens up the mood and keeps Sony SAB’s comedy quotient going. So it’s a perfect time for a show like this since people now do not have so much time at their disposable to watch anything long format. So this show is like a small ‘chutkula’ that comes in the middle of the day to brighten up your mood.

Q. What can the audience look forward to?

Laughter! Most importantly, the content is carefully curated for the audience of Sony SAB. It’s a family channel and Apna News Aayega has been created keeping that in mind. It will bring the whole family together.

Q. Do you watch any show on Sony SAB?

Actually I was a part of a show on Sony SAB earlier and it was great time shooting it. I met some great actors and I feel the best thing about comedy is that it brings people together.

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