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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie (ABB) Introduces Summer Cooler Revolution

Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie (ABB) Introduces Summer Cooler Revolution

New Delhi : Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie, a multi-cuisine restaurant in Khan Market, introduces exotic summer coolers for the patrons of the city to beat the heat and enjoy the marvelous tropical flavors.
With the sun glaring down at us, nothing would be better than to sip on some rare combination of mocktails with a fruity twist.

Tap into mocktail mania by trying their exclusive summer coolers – 
Siam Watermelon Cooler- Taste the sweet watermelon with hints of exotic Thai herbs for a refreshing boost to enjoyon a sunny day 
Green Apple Basilico Spritz- Be rejuvenated by the perfect blend of green apple,basil & cucumber.
ABB Fruit Punch – Brace the summer season with the signature blend of melon, pineapple &many other exotic fruits.
Virgin Kiwi Mojito –Savour the freshness of kiwi and mint with demerara sugar cooler.
Summer is back –Kafir Lime- Fresh orange juice with Kaffir Limeleaves, sweet & sour mix and fizz will give you an extra punch toenjoy the hot sunny days.
Summer Is Back Italian Basil- Enjoy the sultry summer evenings sipping atrue Italian mocktail with fresh orange juice,basil leaves, sweet & sour mix and fizz.
Star Anise & Kaffir Lime – Refreshing drink with Kaffir lime, star anise & pomegranate
Orange,Chia seeds& Sweet Basil Fresca– A concoction of fresh orange juice with chia & basil seeds and flower extract is specially crafted for this warm season.

Guest can make an ultimate escape from the summer heat with these delicious soothing getaway coolers at Andrea’s Bar and Brasserie.

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