How can one Experience Turkey on two Feet?

The Carian trail is an unexplored and niche region –a true gateway to the Aegean culture. Stone-paved roads, beaches of unparalleled beauty, villages still preserving their traditional way of life, Neolithic wall painting, Hellenistic temples, the ancient cities, pine forests, and olive groves abound in these landscapes.
Seema trekked a part of the Carian Trail (60km) - around 10 – 13 km per day.
The trek was through varied landscapes – pine forests, scrubs, meadows, coastline twists and turns, ruins and rugged landscapes. It is amazing how they have managed to preserve the stone-paved roads, caravan routes, houses, castles, ruins, agricultural lands, cisterns, and harbors with features mirroring those of the distant past. Lesser-known ruins, big and small, are found along the route.
The group would end their day at the local pensions (guesthouse) relishing the local cuisine. The pensions were comfortable with hospitable and friendly locals.
The trail passed through some very remote villages, where they were served local authentic food .There were stunning views of the coastline throughout the trek. The group experienced Aegean Sea change colors throughout the trail – unforgettable views.
There were parts where the whole route was covered with white flowers, being the spring season. It was like walking on a carpet of flowers. There was a diverse range of flora and fauna. People were very informed and interested in nature.
A local dog followed them from one village to the other, infact he also trekked with them for 10 – 13km. It was with a very heavy heart that they had to let him go at the end since he was not ready to leave their side. They came across many friendly animals and that become a major part of their trail
On the last day, they enjoyed a boat ride in the crystal clearwaters of the Aegean Sea – one of the highlights of the trip.