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Thursday, 18 April 2019

NCPA presents the Opera Screening of Die Walküre by Richard Wagner

NCPA presents the Opera Screening of Die Walküre by Richard Wagner

21st April 2019 | Godrej Dance Theatre

Mumbai, April 17, 2019: The opera screening of Die Walküre will take place on Sunday, 21st April 2019 at Godrej Dance Theatre, National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA). Produced by Robert Lepage and conducted by Philippe Jordan, this new production features the works of Christine Goerke, Eva-Maria Westbroek, Stuart Skelton, Jamie Barton, Greer Grimsley, Günther Groissböck.

Die Walküre is the second of the four operas that comprise Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung. The story is based on Norse mythology, where the Valkyries decide which soldiers die in battle and which live. All the Gods have lost their power, and in order to get it back, Wotan, the ruler of the Gods, fathered twins – Siegmund and Sieglinde – with a mortal woman. Wotan’s wife Fricka is furious and wants to kill the children, so Wotan decides to separate the twins. They meet each other later in life and feel a curious attraction.

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Event: Opera Screening of Die Walküre

Date: Sunday, 21st April 2019 from 1:00 pm onwards

Venue: Godrej Dance Theatre

Prices: Rs.500/-

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