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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Laal Ishq made me overcome my fear of deep waters: Simran Kaur

Laal Ishq made me overcome my fear of deep waters: Simran Kaur 

Every actor in real life faces some or the other fear or phobia that they attempt to overcome while they perform in television shows. It takes a lot of courage to overcome your fears and inhibitions and for actors who are constantly in front of the camera it gets even tougher to perform a scene that needs them to defeat their fears.

Simran Kaur, who has proved her acting prowess with her role in &TV’s show Agnifera will soon be seen in &TV supernatural show Laal Ishq. The actor happened to reveal a phobia she recently overcame while shooting a scene of the show. Narrating an incident from the shoot of an episode that gave the actress nightmares after the shot, she said, “I had to shoot for a scene which  required me to dunk myself in a bathtub. I have a huge phobia towards water and I found it extremely difficult to enact that scene with utmost ease. In fact while I was performing the first take I thought I almost drowned in the bathtub. I had to ask the team to give me some time before I could go for another take on the scene. When the director noticed the visible fear in my eyes he requested the crew to tie my hand to a rope so that I don’t feel the fear of drowning.”

Ditching her regular Punjabi avatar, the actress will be seen essaying a South Indian character. While appearing as one might have not been a task, the actress surely faced some struggles in bringing about the authentic South Indian accent to her tone.  Sharing her experience on the same, Simran said,  “My character was mentally challenging as I had to showcase a dark side to her life. To top it, the other challenge was to ensure the character’s authentic style was showcased. It required me to put in a lot of effort to get the accent of a South Indian girl right. A night before, I watched Tamil and Telugu movies to understand and adapt to the accent in which they speak. I also watched those movies to get accustomed to the demeanour of the South Indian women.”

Laal Ishq’s episode is set to give the audience chills by showcasing a different variation of a ghost created by the environment.

To know more tune in to watch the exciting episode of Laal Ishq on &TV from Saturday – Sunday at 10 pm

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