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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Elevate your shoe game with La Martina

Elevate your shoe game with La Martina

Make the summers ebullient and upbeat with La Martina’s summer collection. This collection of exquisite and classy leather and suede shoes are designed keeping in mind the brand ethos. A perfect pick to complement the debonair look from denims to suits, the collection is designed with such artistic ability that complements all occasions, from an uber cool outing trip with friends to a formal wine and cheese evening.

Be it the brushed calfskin boots, Cortos, slip-ons to the classic suede, La Martina’s exquisite footwear collection is sure to add a dash of style and class to your persona. An international player, La Martina stands out for its values of tradition and quality that – together with its modern brand - make it a world landmark in men’s elegance.

Men Collection


Women Collection

Women Collection - Shoes from La Martina (5)Women Collection - Shoes from La Martina (4)Women Collection - Shoes from La Martina (3)Women Collection - Shoes from La Martina (2)Women Collection - Shoes from La Martina (6)

About the brand

Competitiveness, passion and elegance moving - That’s the essence of brand La Martina, born in 1985 with the only objective to support the Polo
game and disseminating its values. From the first artisan production of boots and saddles, business has expanded and evolved technologically, expanding into luxury clothing and accessories. Over the years La Martina has supported the technical development of equipment with a unique lifestyle collection, without losing sporting role.
La Martina has over the years some international agreements with excellent partners, with which it shares the goal of supporting and spreading the culture of Polo like Maserati. The brand started from Buenos Aires and now has more than 100 stores worldwide with stores in London, Milan , Singapore , Dubai , Bangkok ,Johannesburg and India.
The brand philosophy is very simple: just walk into a store of La Martina anywhere in the world to enter the heart of the polo.

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