Actor Girija Oak of Ladies Special admits to still being in touch with her ‘train-friends’

The friends we make in our youth stay with us for life. And when you end up spending several hours commuting with them every-day in crowded Mumbai local trains, the bond of friendship only intensifies.  Girija Oak, the stunning Marathi actress who is all set to essay the role of Meghana Nikade on Sony Entertainment Television upcoming show ‘Ladies Special’ is one of those people who is still in touch with friends she made while traveling in Mumbai local trains as a young college student!

Girija, a true blue Mumbaikar, used to take the train every-day to college when she was younger. Taking the same train every day at the same time meant she travelled with the same set of people throughout her college life. Needless to say, co-commuters became friends and today, have become confidantes for life. Girija is not only in touch with these old ‘train friends’ but they also regularly meet up to catch up on each other’s’ life.

Speaking about the same, Girija said, “I used to take the train to college every day and made a lot of train friends. Some of them I’m in touch with to this day. We often meet up and are totally up to date on things happening in each other’s lives. I have train friends who have stuck with me through all my ups and downs in life the way I have stuck by them. For me, the concept of ‘Ladies Special’ is very close to my experience so it was very easy for me to draw inspiration for the role I’m playing on the show. It feels special to be a part of such a show that focuses on relationships that you form with strangers you meet and how they become your support system and friends for life.”

Tune into Ladies Special from 27th November, Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!