Actors are always keen on exploring new roles with which they can play around a lot and one such actor is the handsome Rishi Verma who essays the character of Sumer in Sony Entertainment television’s magnum opus show Porus.

The hot hunk Rishi Verma who plays Sumer in the show is a prince by birth and the son of Dasyu rulers Mahanandini and Dasyuraj. In a recent sequence when Sumer is kidnapped by Shivdutt (played by Aman Dhaliwal) and tortured for revealing the secrets about Porus (played by Laksh). During the sequence the actor was tied up for 11-12 hours throughout while the scene was being shot. Though this scene was a complete challenge for Rishi but he is justified the role beautifully and also got into the skin of it.

Rishi Verma who hails from Bhopal shares about the scene, “It was a kidnapping scene where Shivdutt was seen torturing Sumer. Shivdutt wanted Sumer to reveal the secrets about Anusuya for which he tied & harrowed him. As per the script, I had to feel the pain and react as though I was being stabbed in my chest, acid being dripped on my body, and me being tied up for hours. The whole scene took about 10-12 hours for me to enact with me being tied up for that long. The intensity of the scene didn’t allow me to get over this experience even after a few hours of enacting it. There is a lot of input that has been put in but I am happy that the output is great.”

In the upcoming episodes the viewers will see how Puru will make a decision to free anusuya on the day of holi and will come face to face with Bamini.

What will happen when Puru will face Bamini? Will Anusuya regain her memory? To find out

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